abdul ghani

Co-Founder Abdul Ghani

Basic information

Business Company: Amazid SHOP

Main address and largest showroom: House no 314 11/e near zmc road beside al harmeen shermal 5 no orangi town Karachi,

amazidshop is registered in FBR, and our mission is to provide the best shopping experience to our valued customer, we provide payment protection, purchase protection, and easy returns from your doorstep



To resolve the complaint as quickly as possible, we always available24/7 a week.

Contact Details


Name: Abdul Ghani

Phone Number: 00923132605554

Whatsapp #: 00923132605554

Email: info@amazidshop.com

Do you know why Amazid shop is the most reliable for shopping?


Fastest delivery


  • We can deliver the goods in stock on the day of the order
  • We are open on weekends and deliver goods
  • Convenient pick-up directly from the car in Amazid Shop
  • Non-stop dispensing, Amazid SHOP and the store of the future


Huge numbers of products


  • Hundreds of thousands of different products on offer
  • The largest selection of popular world brands
  • Electronics, toys, drugstores, jewelry, sports
  • Hobbies, auto-moto, PC games, books and movies
  • The most sophisticated offer of additional services

Customer support


  • Availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Telephone +00923132605554
  • write for us
  • Professional online advice